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In this series of packing tips I want to share some useful things for people hitting the road. This first post refers to people doing creative stuff with watercolors.

One of the most important questions when you’re going on a world trip FUJI1221will probably be: “What’s the perfect size for my backpack to keep all the belongings together and organized?” Well, this is definitely a tough question, but anyway it helps to pack less. And if you have to work with watercolors or you just like to paint some travel experiences into a sketch book, you will love this little box.

Instead of buying a large set of watercolors (which takes a lot of space) make your own DIY-Travelbox. You only need an old metal box, in my case a Altoids mind tin, and you’re all set. This tiny tin contains the colors, little bowls for mixing them, attachable brushes and a sponge bob. All you need for a quick masterpiece on the go right in your trouser pocket.


Since I first saw the documentary “Workingman’s Death” directed by the Austrian Michael Glawogger, I wanted to see this volcanic area on the island of Java. On one hand it’s a place like hell (especially for the sulfur miners) but on the other hand it offers an unique landscape with the legendary Blue Fires in nighttime.

Must-have equipment

Complete trail map including report will follow these days…

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You need taxi? We make special price only for you! No, you can’t do it on your self, but I will help you… Everybody who had been to Bali knows these phrases too good. And if you want to hike to the majestic volcano Gunung Agung most people will tell you that it’s impossible to do it on your own. That’s why I had to try it 😉

Look inside the crater

Complete trail map including important facts about permits, tours and more will follow next days…